Freedom Fertility Formula

Fertility struggles? Month after month of hope, try & despair. The Freedom Fertility Formula supports you & your emotional well being on a difficult journey, helping you to live with less stress, more strength and hope whilst increasing chances of conception.

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You get the chance to explore exactly how your fertility struggle is affecting different parts of your life and your emotional well-being.
We will focus on the emotional wounds that come with the knocks of a fertility journey and use first-aid to stop any more damage being done so that we can move on.


After the freedom fertility first aid session we can move on to lay a strong foundation to build on towards change. We will look at self-care, stress management and also how to use your sixth sense to know you are making all of the right decisions for yourself.


Learn to listen to your own emotions in a new way so that they are able to guide you to help take the best step in any situation. Ignoring or squashing down difficult feelings is harmful so learning to deal with them to become emotionally in control is a must.


You will use this session to let go of the negative experiences and subconscious emotional blocks that may be adversely affecting your fertility. You can use this to change how you feel about things that may have happened in the past. You will also be able to set up new ways of feeling about the past and set out on new paths for success.


Know how to instantly change your emotional state when you need to. This can help in difficult situations or with any other negative impacts of life that leave you feeling low.


We look at how the power of the mind body connection can enhance your natural fertility and also double the success rate of IVF.


Feel ready to make plans, accept invitations, get out again and start living your life knowing that you can handle anything with all of the techniques you have learnt.


Wake up each day feeling positive and optimistic. Enjoy time with family and friends in all situations and feel passionate about your partner your relationships and your life in general.

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